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Lyudmil Stoyanov

“I was born in 1888, in the heart of the vast Rhodopes. This is a scary reign, without light, an unexplored maze. And if now I go by as a poet, it’s not because of the spirit of mythical Orpheus, who had dwelt these lands, but it is thanks to my father, enlightened and educated man, associate of “Ministerial Collection” (“Министерски Сборник”), “Rhodope Progress” (“Родопски напредък”), etc. – who had given me the first glimpse into literature. His rich library – books full of knowledge about history, archeology, folklore, science and more, was the first golden harvest for my soul. More is the pity, he lived irrecoverable life of poverty. My last year of high school (and until this day) I have coped by myself. In Sofia I studied philosophy from 1907 to 1911, later on I went to Lemberg to study architecture.

I participated in the First Balkan War against the Serbs (Kalimansko pole), in which I barely kept the breath in my lungs, wounded and suffering from cholera. In the most recent war I was a military correspondent of the First Sofia Division. I have published two poetical collections, one called “Apparitions” (“Видения”) and other called “Sword and word” (“Меч и слово”). I have translated Shakespeare, Edgar Poe, Lermontov, Burst and more. Now I’m 30 years old, the same age as Alexander the Great, when he reached Babylon… About the future? – It is a tremendous secret, well-known only by God.”

 An excerpt from “Autobiography”, 1920

To Follow Your Dreams

The Foreign Language High School “Academic Lyudmil Stoyanov” has been writing its history since 1984 – it has been written through the professionalism and dedication of its teachers and through the successful life and social realisation of its graduates. The beginning was set in 1984/1985 school year as an Unified Polytechnic Secondary School with the study of western languages. The newly established school originated on the basis of the existing classes with advanced study of English and French in the Professional High School “Cyril and Methodius” (former Thessaloniki High School) and was situated in the building of the Economic Technical School “Ivan Iliev”. By order No RD-31-18 from 15.06.1982 the first profiled language school in Southwestern Bulgaria was established.

Pedagogical team of 12 teachers with Boris Voynov as a principal, Veska Lisiiska as a deputy principal and 325 students in 13 classes laid the foundation on which the current success of the high school is being built.

The First Principal

“Our school was the first language high school in Pernik, Kyustendil and Blagoevgrad regions and if we talk about difficulties, they came mainly from the fact that language high schools were a novelty for the educational system.  This required well-staffed Western language teachers and foreign teachers.  Our advantage was that on the very first day of school, established specialists came to work here.  Since its inception the teaching staff has been a combination of the wisdom of experience and the enthusiasm of youth.”

“From a professional point of view I consider my work in the Foreign Language High School “Acad. Lyudmil Stoyanov” to be a kind of a peak in my professional career and I have always been proud of this fact and especially of the thought that I participated in the establishing of this school.”

(Excerpts from an interview with the first principal of the Foreign Language High School “Acad. Lyudmil Stoyanov” – Boris Voynov)

In 2014 the Tradition and Rise Foundation (“Традиция и възход”), constituted by the former students of Foreign Language High School “Acad. Lyudmil Stoyanov” Emil Tsenov and Georgi Chorbadjiiski, established a scholarship in the name of Boris Voynov.  This scholarship is awarded to high school graduates who have the highest grades and who have won first awards from national and international competitions.

The First Teachers

With revival enthousiasm the first teachers in the high school wing their graduates, show them that dreams know no boundaries. Teachers by vocation, by soul and by faith in life, they build the foundations with zeal, devotion and care for the seed sown to bear fruit.

  • English – Veska Lisiiska, Katyusha Karamfilova, Sofia Kitanova, Elena Bikova, Milka Angelova, Krasimira Topuzova
  • French – Elka Todorova, Spasia Angelova, Lilyana Rizova, Rozalina Naydenska, Maya Martsenkova, Latinka Shapkarova, Elena Demirevska, Ivan Ivanov, Lyubov Kodzhabasheva
  • German – Magdalena Bekyarova
  • Bulgarian language and literature – Margarita Shandarova and Krasimira Katsarska
  • Russian – Rumyana Stoyanova
  • Mathematics – Veneta Tumbeva and Stamen Chobanov
  • Physics – Milka Kulina
  • Chemistry – Malina Popnikolova and Lyubomir Bayraktarov
  • Biology – Dobrinka Mihova
  • History – Vasilka Kalpachka
  • Geography – Kitan Yanev
  • Philosophy – Todor Nedin
  • Physical edition – Lazar Topalov
  • Civil defense – Blagoy BoychevThe first foreign-speaking teachers – the Englishman Martin Natol and the Frenchman Jean-Claude Nui as well as the German language teacher Zigrid Hoyer – also contributed to the establishment of the new school.

The school’s name

On May 22, 1987 the name of the school was solemnly given. The proposal for the patron to be the famous Bulgarian post symbolist, social writer and translator Lyudmil Stoyanov, was made by Mrs Margarita Shandarova, teacher of Bulgarian language and literature. Guests of the event were Yulii Stoyanov and Anelia Stoyanova –  son and daughter of the school’s patron.

Veselin Kostadinov – longtime principal of the Foreign Language High School Academic Lyudmil Stoyanov

I was appointed as a principal in the first months of 1986. There I found professionally trained and ambitious teachers.

I am proud that for 17 years I have been the principal of the Foreign Language High School “Acad.  Lyudmil Stoyanov”. These have been years of interaction with people and fates, of overcoming circumstances in the name of creation, years of dreams and hopes on the way to the top;  of the confidence that good is achieved at the cost of pain and hard work in order to come to satisfaction. I am proud that together with teachers and students we have paved the way because we knew the direction and the ultimate goal. I’ve always enjoyed any success, any positive assessment of our mutual work.” (V. Kostadinov)

There are traces left

In the 1987/1988 school year the number of classes increased to 21 and the number of students was 518. During the following school year the high school had 586 students in 22 classes.

In 1987 the ambassador of  France, Bertranol de Latailade and the cultural attaché to the embassy were guests of the establishing educational institution.

An important event in the history of the school was the visit of the Swiss ambassador and the Bulgarian ambassador in Switzerland – Spas Georgiev – in August 1988. The reason for this visit was due to a happy coincidence – the Swiss ambassador, during his vacation in Bansko, met Mihail Ginchin, a high school student at the Language High School at that moment. Impressed by the high level of his foreign language training, the ambassador initiated the idea of ​​an inter-school exchange between our school and the Munich High School, Basel, Switzerland, which has been going on for over 30 years now.

In 1989, the GDR’s Ministry of Education and the Embassy’s Cultural Attaché participated in a workshop at the Foreign Language High School. Together with our students they discussed problems related to the educational system. In 1990 the school had the honor of welcoming the British ambassador too.

Emotional and memorable was the visit of the Advisor of Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of China, Mr Vei Singun, who met our students in September 1995, showing them calligraphic technique for writing Chinese hieroglyphs.

An exciting event for the high school was the visit of the popular French chanson singer Jacques Ivar and the actor Yves Godin.

Dreams come true with good partners

From 2008 to 2018 our school was a member of the Microsoft IT Academy. The second project that the high school worked on with Microsoft Bulgaria after the IT Academy Program was Office 365. The project started in 2019, as the latest and most modern cloud service of Microsoft Office 365 offers a modern solution for organization, management and improvement of the quality of the educational process.  It combines Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Lync Online into one up-to-date cloud service.

Certiport, a world leader in conducting certification exams delivered through over 12,000 authorized test centers worldwide, is also a partner of the Foreign Language High School “Acad. Lyudmil Stoyanov”. Certiport provides access to electronic exams to a number of technology companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, AutoDesk, etc. Certiport certifications are valuable professional recommendations that are world-renowned and recognized standards for digital literacy and proficiency in desktop computing.

Ever since the high school has been found, the French class students participate actively in all initiatives and contests, organised by the French Cultural Institute, and have the opportunity to receive French language diplomas DELF and DALF

Since the academic 2005/2006 year the high school has been working under a program of the German Embassy and students studying German have the chance to obtain a German language diploma (DSD) at level C1 of the Common European  Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).The first alumni to receive German language diplomas was the class of 2008.

Since 2014 the high school has been a member of the Cambridge Schools Association and the Cambridge Examination Center, and our alumni can receive FCE and CAE English language proficiency certificates. Our school is also a member of the BEST Foundation.

In 2016 the high school was awarded the LabelFrancÉducation seal.  LabelFrancÉducation is given by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) to schools offering enhanced French language teaching for high quality teaching and excellences.

The seal was officially presented to our school by Mr. Xavier Lapeyre de Cabanes, Ambassador of the French Republic.  Our high school is the fifth in the country to be awarded this honour, and ranks among the 56 other schools from around the world that have become part of this institution.  This is an opportunity for students from French classes to receive a certificate for bilingual education.

The School’s Symbols

The Foreign Language High School „Acad. Lyudmil Stoyanov” has its symbols – its own flag, an emblem, crated by the arts teacher Hristo Shapkarev, and its own hymn.

The Students Parliament

The Students Parliament at the Foreign Language High School “Acad. Lyudmil Stoyanov”  was established on November 21, 2006. Slavena Stambolova was elected as its first chairperson and Genea Galperin as its vice-chairperson. The current Parliament organizes and diversifies the school and extracurricular life of the high school. It participates in many social projects.

The Charity Christmas Bazaar

The charity Christmas Bazaar has been held since 2008 on the idea of ​​the pedagogical advisor of the school –  Hristina Popova – and is part of the initiative “Workshop for good” of the graduates of the high school.  For more than 10 years it has been dedicated to various charitable causes elected by the Students Parliament.  It has been held for so many years with the enthusiasm of the Students Parliament, the class teachers and all the students from the high school.  The Christmas spirit makes us better, empathetic, opens our hearts to our fellow beings.

Festival of Foreign Languages

Since the establishment of the high school, the traditional festival of foreign languages ​​has been held annually.  The festival is a real celebration of the spirit and an exciting meeting between knowledge and talent.  The audience always loudly applauds the performances of the participants in the festival program. The graduates of the school show that they are ideological, talented, creative. They demonstrate artistry, flexibility, stage and vocal skills, teamwork and, of course, excellent knowledge of English, French, German, and Spanish. It turns out that foreign languages ​​are not so foreign to the students at our high school.  They are not only a means of communication, an opportunity to experience new civilisational values, but also an occasion for celebration.

Some of the former graduates, who are already professional actors and vocal performers, such as Hristo Mitskov, Latina Berovska, Petar Petrov, Lili Sucheva, Mina Sucheva, etc., showed their talent on this very stage.

Our Uniqueness

Our students learn foreign languages, but everything Bulgarian is in their hearts. A sign for this are all the lessons held in the museum – lessons of patriotism, taught by Lyubka Galabova – a teacher of History and Civilization. They have come true thanks to the cooperation between Mrs Galabova, the students, and the Regional History Museum, Blagoevgrad. All of them have been devoted to the history and traditions of the homeland – 130 years from the Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and the province of Eastern Rumelia; 140 years from the April Uprising of 1876; an anniversary of the birth of Kolyo Ficheto and Todor Aleksandrov, and many other.

The Foreign Language High School „Acad. Lyudmil Stoyanov” held a spectacular performance in the “Yavorov” Hall to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the Liberation of Bulgaria. The combination of poetic and musical program, which recreated some of the most dramatic and heroical moments of the Bulgarian historical fate, stirred the emotions of the audience with the presented etudes after classical texts by Hristo Botev, Lyuben Karavelov, Ivan Vazov, Anton Donchev, Atanas Dalchev together with performance of songs from the Bulgarian Revival period, combined with multimedia and light effects.

Another exciting meeting was the one between the Military History Clubs of the Foreign Language High School “Acad. Lyudmil Stoyanov” and the National High School for Ancient Languages and Cultures “Konstantin-Kiril Filosov”, Sofia. The guests from the Sofia high school presented the wars between the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, Habsburg and Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. In the following discussion our students showed excellent knowledge.

Students from 9a and 9b classes together with their supervisors – Rositsa Kotovska and Nadia Vangelova – created a mega political map of Europe with dimensions 2,2 x 3 meters, assembled by 112 parts, visualizing their knowledge of the countries and bodies of water in Europe. This map was created thanks to the “Water” project („Вода“) included in the “Erasmus+” program.

The students from our school, who participated in the “Green tale with no end” project („Зелена приказка без край“), presented their own tales and cartoons, and created posters, which were used to help them show the little kids from “Detski Svyat” Kindergarten, Blagoevgrad (ДГ „Детски свят“) how they can take care of the ecological balance and the nature preservation. Some of the fairy tales were theatricalised for the excited audience of future students of our high school.

It is no longer a chimera for our high-school students to observe the Higgs boson. Students from our school took part in the CERN’s First International Master Class. Neli Dimitrova, Blagovest Kamenov and Asen Georgiev took the role of scientists and had the opportunity to experience how and what the physicists in CERN study in the fundamental particles’ world.

The French classes’ students show their artistry, behavior on stage and perfect French by annually taking part in the Francophone Theatre Festival, which is held in different cities in Bulgaria; they take part in the initiatives in the Francophonie Week too: the Writing Marathon, the “Golden Pen” contest („Златното перо“), the Haiku picnic, the Francophonie rally, the prose and poetry translation contests, the “Challenge to Read” contest („Предизвикателството да четем“).

The Knnect.Me project by our student Georgi Mutafchiev from 11e class fought back over 10 university student’s StartUps and won the prize for the best university student’s StartUp in the 10th edition of the biggest business forum for school and university students in Bulgaria – “Rising Stars – 2018” („Изгряващи звезди – 2018“), organized by Junior Achievement Bulgaria in partnership with A1 and Citi Bank Bulgaria. The project prize – 5000$ seed funding by Citi Bank – was divided between the first and the second places. They received an office in TechPark, Sofia, with mentors and advisors for accomplishing the business projects too. Knnect.Me received one more prize – the special award of the Bulgarian MEP – Andrey Novakov – “The most perspective StartUp for 2018”. The award was personally given by the MEP himself.

Success Dimensions


We have a lot of reasons to be proud of our students – the multiple national literature awards; the first places in national biology and ecology competitions, foreign-languages debate contests; the winners and the first places in the national Olympiads of Bulgarian language and literature, English, French, German, and Spanish; the national Olympiads of biology, chemistry, history, philosophy, IT; the honors from international and national competitions, festivals, and contests.


In 2014 Viktoria Apostolova from 10d class won the first place for her essay in the contest “Education and civic activism – key to Bulgarian success” („Образование и гражданска активност – ключ към успеха на България“).

In 2015 Adriana Vezyuva from 10e class was awarded the first place in Under 18 category in the national poetic contest “My spring” („Пролет моя“).

In 2016 Severina Stankeva from 12g class became a winner in the XXXV national Bulgarian language and literature Olympiad.

Georgi Georgiev from 11b class won the first place in the literature contest “Every flying is a risk, but nevertheless we fly” /St. Tsanev/ („Риск е всеки полет, но въпреки всичко летим“). In 2017 Georgi Georgiev (class 12b) became a winner in the XXXVI national Bulgarian language and literature Olympiad.

Maria Botushanova from 10b class got an award from the VI international festival for young author poetry “Miracles and Dreams” („Чудеса и сънища“), Serbia.

Hristina Tsonkova from 9a class and Georgi Mutafchiev from 10e class won the opportunity to visit the European Parliament because of their achievements in a contest devoted to the 10th anniversary of the Bulgarian membership in the EP, initialized by the MEP Maria Gabriel.

In 2018 Kiril Ivanov from 12e class became a winner in the XXXVII Bulgarian and literature Olympiad.

Borislava Angelova from 9a class won the first place in the national literature contest “You have been waiting for it for years, but the miracle comes each and every hour” („Ти го чакаш от години – чудото дохожда всеки час“), organized by 105 Secondary School “Atanas Dalchev”, Sofia.

Bogomila Veleva from 10b class won the first place for a short story in the national literature contest “The person – free and independent” („Човекът – свободен и независим“), organized by Blagoevgrad Municipality and the Municipal Council on narcotic substances.

Ivan Kanchev from 11a class won the first place in the essay contest with topic “Time is a part of  us and we are a part of time” („Времето е в нас и ние сме във времето“), under the patronage of the MEP Angel Dzhambazki, and was awarded a visit of the European Parliament in Brussels.

In 2018 Monika Mitova from 10b class won the first place in the V national literature contest “The one who saves a single human life, they save a whole universe” („Който спаси един човешки живот, спасява цяла вселена“), organized by the Center for Jewish-Bulgarian cooperation “ALEF”, and was awarded the privilege to present Bulgaria in a week-long international forum for young leaders in Israel.

Monika Mitova /class 11b/ was also the winner, chosen by the vice-president Iliyana Yotova in the initiative “Ambassador for a day”. The initiative has been held by the British Council in Bulgaria and the winner has been chosen with the help of an essay contest on the following topic – “How would I use my power of a figure, to change the world” („Как бих използвал силата си на личност, за да променя света“).


In 2014 three teams from the Foreign Language High School “Acad. Lyudmil Stoyanov”, prepared by Atina Lao, participated in the regional round of the World Scholar’s Cup, held in Istanbul, Turkey. Stefani Chobanova, Rosana Petkova and Georgi Georgiev’s team took the first place. Iliana Bezinska, Dzhamile Kamber and Maria Mileva took the second place, and Milka Stoycheva, Kiril Karov and Velizara Georgieva won the fourth place.

At the global round of the World Scholar’s Cup in Singapore in 2014, the team of Milka, Kiril and Velizara was awarded the first place in Europe and ranked 18th in the world, and the team of Stefani, Rosana and Georgi was awarded the second place in Europe. Iliana, Dzhamile and Maria also had a good performance. All the contestants won individual prizes too.

In June 2015 Elena Trayanova, Karolina Kostadinova and Nansi Dasheva from class 11b were part of the team of BEST Foundation, which presented Bulgaria in Dalas, USA in the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) – the largest academic competition in the world. Karolina and Nansi were able to make the biggest achievement so far of a Bulgarian team in the category “Duo Interpretation”, and Elena won the audience’s award “Slam Poetry”.

In 2015 Stefani Chobanova, Rosana Petrova and Georgi Georgiev /first team/, Marieta Milusheva, Ivana Chobanova and Milka Stoycheva /second team/ and Elitsa Dicheva, Veselina Balabanova and Tsvetelina Terzieva /third team/, led by Atina Lao, took part in the regional round of the competition “World Scholar’s Cup” in Sofia, and after winning first awards, qualified for the global round of the competition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where they won numerous team and individual awards.

In the competition of BEST Foundation, held in Stara Zagora in November 2015, in category “Duo” Neli Velichkova and Magdalena Tancheva from class 10b were awarded the first place. Karolina Kostadinova, Nansi Dasheva and Viktor Stoilov won the first place in category “Debates”.

In March 2016 our speech and debate team won the first place in the competition of BEST Foundation, held in Pernik. In category “Prose” Karolina Kostadinova won the first place and in category “Poetry” the prestigious first place was grabbed by Stefani Chobanova.

Nansi Dasheva and Karolina Kostadinova won the first place in category “Duo Interpretation” in the national competition of BEST Foundation held in Sofia in April 2016 and for the second year in a row qualified for the international competition in the USA.

In November 2016 in the competition of BEST Foundation, held in Stara Zagora, our school won the first award for teams.

Our school was a team winner in the competitions in Vratsa and Pazardzhik as well in 2017. In March of 2017 in AUBG the national speech and debate competition of the “BEST” Foundation took place. The praiseworthy places won in the categories “Original oratory” and “Duo” secured Stefani Chobanova, Neli Velikova and Magdalena Tancheva a place in the international competition in the USA. They represented Bulgaria and our school in the competition “Memories made in the Magic City” in Birmingham, Alabama, during July of 2017.

The high school team, with Veselina Balabanova, Neli Velichkova, Nikol Haytova and Bilyana Radeva of class 11b as representatives, won the first place in the national “Education of the future” quiz of 2017 and was rewarded with a two-week language course in London.

Students from the 9th and 12th grades from our high school participated in the national festival for drama and theater in English in 2017 with the production “Megan’s uncertainty” and won an award for the best theatrical group performance. Also, Andrea Kirlieva was awarded prize for the best female role.

In 2018 the team of the Language High School “Acad. L. Stoyanov” became the winner of the national “Education of the Future” quiz once more, while being represented by the 10th graders Hristina Tsonkova, Inna Haytova, Maria Taushanova and Sabel Basheva. The graduates of the school were rewarded with a two-week language course in England.

Slavcho Balabanov from class 8b became the champion of the national competition for foreign languages “I can here and now” in 2018. During February of 2019 the team for speech and debates won “the small cup” /for teams with up to 15 students/ in the competition of the “BEST” Foundation, which took place in the AUBG.


In 2014 Teodora Piskova from the 11th grade won the first place in the national German Language competition of Klett for level C1. Teodora won the first place amongst the 11th graders in the national German Language Olympiad as well in 2014.

Teodora Piskova was the national winner amongst the 12th graders in the Colourful Olympiad in 2015. In that same year she also defended her title of champion of the Klett competition from last year, winning first place for level C1 once more.

Lyubima Slivkova was the national winner among the 11th graders in the Colourful Olympiad in 2015.

The first place in the Klett competition for level A1 was won by Snezhana Doncheva from class 8e.

In 2018 Peter Petrov from class 11a won first place in the national Klett competition for level B2. During that same year he was awarded a certificate too, for mastery of the German language on level C2.

Kristina Zlatkova from class 12ee was graded an astounding 5,75 in the national German language Olympiad in 2018.

In 2019 Peter Petrov triumphed as the national winner of the Klett competition for level C1. The 12th grader was a winner of the national German language Olympiad as well.

The winner of the Klett competition for level B1 was Desislava Milusheva from class 10e.


Lazarina Bistrina – winner of the National French Olympiad.

In 2015 Rumyana Krasteva from class 12e became a winner of the National French Olympiad.

Atanaska Shumantova from class 11g took the first place on the National French Olympiad in 2015. We had a participation of Atanaska Shumantova in the First international French language Olympiad in Cluj-Napoca, Romania from 07.05 to 10.05.2015.

Maria Gyaurska was the national champion among the 8th  graders in the Colorful Olympiad – 2015.

Nelina Hristova from class 9g won the first place in the Colorful Olympiad – 2015.

Our school had awarded students by the competition for translation of prose and poetry from French in 2015, organized by the Translators Association and publishing house “Kolibri”, assisted by the French Institute, Sofia.

Rumyana Krasteva from 12th  grade: first award for French poetry translation and second place for French prose translation.

Severina Stankeva from 11th grade: second place for French poetry translation and second place for French prose translation.

Atanaska Shumantova from class 12g got excellent 5.75 on the National French Olympiad in 2016, and Severina Stankeva from the same class was graded excellent 5.50.


In 2013/2014 school year Spanish was added to the languages studied as a second foreign language at Foreign Language High School “Acad. Lyudmil Stoyanov”. The first Spanish teacher was Viktoria Samardzhieva. During 2015/2016 school year after purposeful and diligent work with students from the French classes, three of them took part in the reginal round of the Spanish Olympiad and one of them – Denitsa Gaberska – reached the national round in Ruse.

During 2016/2017 school year Denitsa Gaberska from class 12g represented the school at the national Spanish Olympiad (in Stara Zagora) and got an excellent mark – 5,50.

Up to now, regardless the fact that Spanish is learnt as a second foreign language, our students participate in a lot of events and festivals connected with it and, moreover, they win first places and get certificates and prizes. Students from our school take part in the national translation contests too.

During 2018/2019 school year Foreign Language High School “Acad. Lyudmil Stoyanov” was a host of the National Spanish Olympiad, which is a great honor. This is an acknowledgement of the high level on which Spanish has been studied in our school.


The 12th grader Aleksa Tachev together with the 10th grader Radostina Milkova (a student at the Mathematics High School) created the project Biolife (http://biolife.egblg.com/) and won the first place in the National IT Contest, hosted in Blagoevgrad in 2015. Due to this achievement the graduate entered the Technical University in Sofia without an exam.

Simona Petseva and Karolina Stoycheva from class 11d won the first place in the “Web Site” category of the Eight National IT Contest “Smarter Planet” in 2016 with their project – www.galaxypedia.net.

Petya Stefanova and Mihail Dimitrov from class 12b won the third place in the same contest with their project – www.robotics.egblg.com and this helped them enter the Technical University in Sofia without and exam too.

Asen Georgiev and Georgi Mutafchiev from class 10e won the second place in the Ninth National IT Contest in 2017 in “Internet Apps” category.

Asena Hristova and Adelina Petrova from class 9d won the first place in the Second National Contest (Stara Zagora) “I will love this country and this nation” („Ще обичам таз земя и тоз народ“) inspired by one of Petko Slaveykov’s poems – “Homeland” („Татковина“).


Severina Stankeva from 12b class won the gold medal in the XXVIII National Philosophy Olympiad in 2016. During the same year she presented Bulgaria and our school in the International Philosophy Olympiad in Gent, Belgium.

Georgi Georgiev from class 12b won the silver medal in the XXIX National Philosophy Olympiad in 2017.

Kiril Ivanov from class 12e got an excellent 5,50 in the National History and Civilasation Olympiad in 2018.


Petya Stefanova from class 10b was the first student from Blagoevgrad region and the first girl who was a part of the national five-member Physics team, which presented Bulgaria in the International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT) in Shrewsbury, England in 2014.

In her 11th school year Petya Stefanova participated in the First Experimental Physics Olympiad, which took part in the Faculty of Physics of the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” in 2015, and was awarded among the first three winners. Petya was a part of the International Experimental Physics Olympiad in Kumanovo, Macedonia too and there she won the special prize for 12th graders.

In the XV National Nature Science and Ecology Contest in Sopot (2016) Filipa Popova from class 12g and Vyara Hadzhieva from class 10e won the first place with their project “The Neglected Healer”. Filipa Popova entered the Sofia University with her excellent grade (6,00) and started studying “Molecular Biology”.

On the World Water Day 2017 the school’s team including Vyara Hadzhieva, Pavela Kostova and Georgi Mutafchiev won the first place in the National Contest “Water – Life’s Well”, hosted in Burgas.

Foreign Language High School “Acad. Lyudmil Stoyanov” was represented by Margarita Zlatanova and Nevena Tserevska /Team I/ and Vyara Hadzieva and Bilyana Petrova /Team II/ in the XVII National Nature Science and Ecology Contest in Vidin, 2019. Their presentations and defense were astonishing and the jury members awarded them accordingly. Their results could be used as an entrance to any of the universities in the country.


We cannot miss mentioning our students’ unending sport success. In our high school the students can take part in sports clubs and prove themselves within the schools, interschools, and national competitions and tournaments.

There is no one, related to our school, who doesn‘t feel excitement and pride, when it comes to the numerous sports medals awarded throughout the years. Many won trophies, plaques and medals, which testify the high achievements, gained from football, volleyball, basketball, table-tennis, swimming, chess leaderships.  It is no accident that the Language High School “Academic Lyudmil Stoyanov“ is honored by the National federation „Sport in school“ for its contribution in developing the students sport.


Anastasia Peycheva and Vasil Markov from class 12e (class of 2016) won many medals (gold, silver and bronze) in national swimming championships 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Atanas Pishtalov from class 9a won a silver medal in Taekwondo – category up to 63 kg – European championship  in Liverpool, held in April 2017.

In October 2017, Ventsislav Sotirov from class 11g became a Balkan MMA champion in the youth category up to 77 kg in a wild race in Tirana, Albany. He won the first place in Europe in the Brasilian Jiu Jitso in category up to 80 kg in the prestigious contest in Rome, 2018.

Yulian Novoselski, student from class 8d, won gold medals for 100 and 200 meters back category for youths in the National personal swimming team championship, 2018.

Angel Mladenov from class 9g became european champion in Jiu Jitso in the youth category in the European championship in Lisbon, Portugal, 2019.


Translated by: Velina Barilska, Ana-Maria Trendafilova, Andjela Stoyanova, Bozhidara Georgieva, Bozhidara Tuparova, Konstantina Georgieva, Margarita Pavlova, Teodora Kiryakova, Viktoria Kovacheva, Eva Tyulekova, Elena Aleksandrova, Yana Haubrehts, Nikola Georgiev, Viktoria Sotirova, Iliyana Ivanova